Our Partners
Our Partners

We come alongside local leaders in the areas we serve and respond to injustice together. Meet some of our partners below.
We come alongside local leaders in the areas we serve and respond to injustice together. Meet some of our partners below.
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A refugee herself, Rosebell is committed to serving the Karen people living in exile along the Thailand/Myanmar border. Venture is honored to have partnered with Rosebell since 2012. Rosebell and her husband — both ordained pastors — minister to unaccompanied children, widows, and families who have fled the civil war in Myanmar, providing safe haven, education for the children, and food for those who cannot provide for themselves. All of this is delivered through an extensive network of evangelists who, in 2019, fed 6,000 people a day; in addition, together with Rosebell, Venture is caring for 160 children in two refugee camps on the Thai side of the border.


Solomon has dedicated his life to providing safety and education to vulnerable children who might otherwise be exploited as soldiers, drug traffickers, or slaves in the Golden Triangle area (northern Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos). He also supports the expansion of a church planting network in the region (first established by his father) through the Ahka Bible College. Venture is honored to have partnered with Solomon for 12 years. In 2019, Solomon and his team provided safe housing and support for 115 children in 3 houses, guided 52 students at the bible college, and supported 5 farm-to-church plants.

*Solomon's face is not shown in order to protect his identity.

Col. Rallyan

Col. Rallyan’s life is a testimony to the radical change that is possible with Christ: after meeting Jesus while comatose in a hospital bed, former Army Col. Rallyan was transformed from persecutor of marginalized groups to protector of orphans and widows. He has been a trusted partner of Venture since 2015. In 2019, Col. Rallyan’s network fed 4,350 people a day, mostly in orphan care homes in Yangon, Myanmar.


Raju has worked in partnership with Venture since 2016, but he has spent his entire adult life serving as a pastor, disciple-maker and church planter in Nepal. His focus is on the Badi people group and other marginalized communities within Nepal, and on the Nepali diaspora around the globe. Raju is vital to Venture’s initiatives to plant churches without walls and to multiply disciples. In 2019, he directly planted 17 house churches; through his networks, he disciples more than 600 church leaders.